Audio Direction

Creative Leadership and Advice on Audio Production Costs - Stay on Time, Budget and Quality.

Music Composition

Custom-Tailored Music for your Video Game, Trailer or Film in variety of
styles and

Sound Design

Bring to live Creatures, Characters and Motion Logos in your Animations, Films and Video Games.

Game Audio Implementation

Highest Standard Interactive Audio Implementation in UE4, Unity, Wwise and Fmod.

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Pav Gekko is a Midlands-based (UK)  Composer / Sound Designer and a former Video Games Producer. His unique combination the game dev management background and years of experience as a sound engineer led him to setup Pav Gekko Productions - a studio that helps you handle all aspects of Game Audio Development.



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Word on the Street

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He has a special ability in that he can consistently produce professional and current sounding audio in any given genre, and in an efficient and timely manner. Pav's high standards for himself and his audio had a huge impact on our games and promo content. Pav is a great guy and will always do everything he can to make his work the best it can be - he has been a great asset to the team and I really hope we can work together in the future.

Simon Smalley, Art Director

at Small Animations

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I would be more than happy to recommend Pav. He always consistently delivered on time even with short deadlines, and while I believe Pav's background in Video Game Production gives him an advantage in managing his workload. I put his efficiency down to his versatility in being able to work in multiple areas in multiple styles. Pav is not only capable of taking an idea and building on it he was also regularly able to offer a more efficient way to execute his work and even evolve the project as a whole because he understood the overarching goals.

Kev Harrison, Senior Game Designer at Merge Games


Pav's composition and sound design exceeded expectations and he went above and beyond to ensure we met our aims with our project's audio. His passion for quality shows in his work, he met our brief and through his own drive and passion allowed us to achieve a higher quality than we would have done otherwise. He's also an all-round nice chap which made working with him a pleasure. Highly recommend!

Samuel Pike, Senior Programmer at Silent Games


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